Surf Washington

Endless Summer Not Required

You don’t need palm trees or sun to surf. Sure, the water is a little cooler up here—but it’s also gloriously uncrowded and breathtakingly scenic.

We’ve got short boards, longboards, and wetsuits to rent or own—and plenty of advice to help you make the most of your Washington surf experience.

Rent Surf Boards & Gear

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Each package includes a board, wetsuit, booties and gloves.

  • $40/Day
  • $65/ 2 Days
  • $100/3 Days
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We have a variety of epoxy, glass and soft top surf boards available in sizes from 6′ to 9’2. Come on in and we’ll find the right board for you.

  • $20/Day
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Stay warm with a 4/3 or hooded 5/4 wetsuit. We mostly stock 4/3 wetsuits for rent, so call ahead to reserve one of our 5/4s.

  • $15/Day
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Gloves and boots are a necessity in our coastal waters. We stock a large selection of sizes and styles so you’re guaranteed a comfortable time.

  • $5 Each Set/Day
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